Cerritos Academy of Youth Basketball Spartans

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MISSION. Cerritos Academy of Youth Basketball Spartans (CAYB Spartans), is a voluntary, non-profit, non-sectarian youth development basketball club, who's goal is to build a long term organization to serve youths in the Southern California communities as it relates to the game of basketball. CAYB Spartans purpose is to challenge each participant to develop and improve their fundamental basketball skills, and to promote and uphold sportsmanship to its highest degree.

GOAL. CAYB Spartans goal is to provide a competitive basketball program that will challenge its participants to prepare and be competitive in events that present the best opportunity for development and success.

MEMBERSHIP. Membership shall consist of coaches and parents of players selected through skill evaluations (tryouts) which will occur at least once per year or upon invitation, player registration, and approval by CAYB Spartans leadership.

CAYB Spartans membership, at this time, is primarily open to boys within the age range of 10 years old and 17 years old who are also willing to become a member of the AAU.

Players who are selected through the player evaluation process will be asked to pay an annual player registration fee along with a monthly fee. 

Cerritos Academy of Youth Basketball 

Board of Directors:

      Co-Director - Ossie Grigsby  

      Co-Director - Oliver Harris

In service to the Southern California Area

CAYB Spartans will practice 2 times per week and will participate in 2 tournaments or 1 tournament plus 1 basketball shootout per month.  In addition to local Southern California tournaments, we also play in two major out of town events (Palm Springs and Las Vegas) during the AAU season.  As for the kids, part
icipation in practices is a must and every player is expected to make at least 85% of the practices per month or risk playing time reduced or being excused from the team without a refund. All excusable absences from practice should be communicated to the coach prior to the practice being missed. Unexcused absences from tournaments will also result in your child being replaced on the team.  We are not a baby sitting service and we expect parents to support our efforts in developing their kids into competitive basketball players.

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